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Tracking down the world's Hot Spots!

Welcome to the Volcano Geocaching Page! Do you like it hot? Then go and look for my volcano geocaches!

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At present, I do host my geocaches at In the future, I will also describe the caches here, along with some nice photos from the location.

Have fun, and don't burn your feet!


Directory of Volcano Geocaches


Italy - land of culture, fine foods - and firey mountains!

  • Vesuvio Geocache - he's asleep... but remember Pompei? By Klammeraffe (GC49D8)
  • Solfatara Geocache - where mud boils by sulphur steams by Klammeraffe (GC49D9).
  • Stromboli Geocache - visit the light house of the Mediterranean Sea by Klammeraffe (GC4CD9)!
  • Special Guest: Astroni Geocache - a biosphere reserve nowadays by Neapolis (GCC5A).


Volcanos? In Germany? Huh? Well, the volcanos here are either dead or very dormant, but who knows... Eifel might be set for a show sooner or later!

  • Vogelsberg Volcano Trail Geocache - Europe's largest (dead) volcano with a 65Km volcano bike trail by Klammeraffe (GC57BE)
  • Windsborn Crater Lake - a beautiful lake in a crater cone in the west German Eifel volcanic range. By Klammeraffe


Ethiopia? Sure! The East African Rift valley is a very active zone when it comes to plate tectonics and volcanism.

  • Erta Ale Volcano geocache - with its famous lava lake by Klammeraffe! (GCB5D7)


Spain provides beautiful islands, great food and volcanoes - some of them are dormant only!

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